The Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory GI Microbial Assay Plus (“GI-MAP”) includes markers for gluten sensitivity (anti-gliadin IgA), inflammation in the gut (calprotectin), immunity in the gut (SIgA), pancreatic enzyme sufficiency (elastase), and occult blood. It also looks for the presence of pathogens – including H Pylori and other bacteria, parasites, worms and viruses – in the gastrointestinal tract.

Screening Type: Stool (1-day single specimen collection)
Within the U.S. or Canada, use the FedEx shipping bag enclosed in the test kit and drop the package off at a FedEx office or call FedEx for a free pick-up. It is MDP policy that the tracking number be kept when mailing the sample back to the lab.
Outside of U.S. or Canada, inquire with for shipping details. – Testing outside North America and Australia is through Nordic Labs
DSL does not ship to New York state, however, test kits can be shipped to your client from FDN via USPS at a cost of $16.50.

GI-MAP Stool Screening by DSL

Markers Included On This Screening
Bacterial Pathogens
Parasitic Pathogens
Viral Pathogens
H pylori
Normal Bacterial Flora
Phyla Microbiota
Opportunistic Bacteria
Autoimmune Triggers
Additional Tests
Antibiotic Resistance Genes