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Body Image Issue Iris

Can't see her successes. although down weight and in smaller sizes still sees only her flaws.  Iris compares herself to others in the worse way.  She does not compare herself to HERSELF and never praises herself for her amazing progress.  Iris is always chasing the impossible. 

Can't Cope Connie

Can't cope with anything so she uses every and any situation as an excuse or quit.  Connie often spirals out of control with even the smallest non-issue and blames that for her not-being-able-to maintain the plan.  She just can't cope.

Closed Mindset Carrie

Won't take advise any longer. Her way is not working but in her eyes its the only way and she will never see results.  Carrie is uncoachable and will not see progress because she feels that she is not at fault for any flaws, therefore will not succeed.

Comfort Zone Zoey

She wont leave her comfort Zone so she wont see results. Won't push herself to the next level.  Zoey doen't realize that every single person who sees results has to step out of the zone and feel that discomfort for a short time.  If it doesn't challenge won't change you ...

Denial Dennis

In denial about their health risks. Hiigh chorestrol, bp, diabetic... but keeps denying.  Dennis really only addresses his issue when he gets home from his annual doctor appointment when the data is fresh off the press... but as time passes, it diminishes into a state of denial...until the next year's appointment .

Loose Logging Lucy

Logs everythng except isn't measuring properly or following