Transformation is now…

Changing how you think is hard. Changing your environment isn’t. By training your environment, your habits follow. I will discuss strategies from the experts. They’ll help you improve your lifestyle and transform your body, no willpower required.

If I took 50 random strangers to the grocery store and asked them to fill their basket with only nutritious, health-promoting foods, I bet they could do it. In other words, most people generally know what’s “healthy.” Or good for them.

If that’s true, why are so many people sick from chronic preventable diseases? Why are they sedentary and carrying around extra body fat? Why are people not putting all those nutritious, health-promoting foods into their grocery baskets — or more importantly, their bodies? Why are people eating so poorly?
Obviously, just knowing stuff isn’t enough to actually do stuff. Being able to understand carb grams, or calorie tables, or the names of exotic superfoods doesn’t often change what we eat when it’s time for a hurried breakfast or a got-home-late-from-work dinner.

Why is environment so important? We like to think that we…think. In other words, we assume we make rational, conscious, informed choices based on logically weighing all the available options. We assume that we make our decisions by thinking reasonably about things. However, research has shown that most of our decisions are automatic, based on patterns and brain shortcuts.

Instead of slowly deciding, step by step, our brains quickly process a handful of grab-n-go inputs and pick from a recognizable menu of options. We ignore stuff we don’t like or want to see, and we’re easily compelled by shiny distractions.
Sound familiar?

Transformation is now!

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Transformation is now!

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