Don't let the scale derail!
Lurking in the shadowy corner of the fitness floor lives one of the most menacing machines: the almighty scale. For many, the thought of stepping on a scale is more sweat inducing than any cardio machine. And when you think of just how much weight we give to the number displayed on the dial, it’s no surprise that so many are scared of the scale.

I can name dozens of flashbacks dating back to my adolescence to current date where the unexpected presence of this device sends lightning bolts of anxiety up your spine. The obvious- such as the doctors, but even in the least expected areas. The “guess your weight” carnival games, and “put-a-quarter-in” and win a prize scales at the road trip bathroom surprises that your kids beg you to “JUST GET ON”. Like it’s no big deal…

If you’re reading, thinking about how you suddenly couldn't find a quarter but quickly re-evaluated the road-trip snacks that you purchased that day then you may be feeling pangs of electricity right now.

If you’re someone who usually dodges this device, hopping on only during an annual physical, anticipating those magic digits can feel a lot like waiting for your name to be called for jury duty .. or worse . You are not alone. Patience will be your greatest nemesis in this...and it is a muscle that must be exercised and strengthened. The more you practice this, the stronger it will get and the less frustrated you will be when the scale moves slow. It is going to move slow...because that is really the ONLY true way to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Remember it's not about losing the's about changing your metabolism so you don't everrrrr have to do this shit again. Freedom from logging and thinking about food is in your future but you HAVEEEEEEEEE to keep your eye on the prize and it WILL be worth it .

Weight Fluctuations

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Weight Fluctuations

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