Leslie Siciliano


I am so happy to share my GFN story! I'm Leslie, early 50's, work full time and have 3 active kids. Pregnancies and age (slower metabolism) caused the weight to start creeping on in adulthood. I'd never struggled much before, so I hadn't tried other programs. Instead I unwittingly used the unsustainable method of lots of cardio and "portion control" to keep things in check. But it wasn't a realistic long-term approach, and I eventually hit a new high.

By this point I had been stalking Irene on Facebook and doing the workouts she posted. I contacted a friend who was on the very first GFN program, and I liked what she had to say about eating real food and no gimmicks. I nervously emailed Irene and joined her 2nd group.

That was March of 2018. By that June I had hit my 25 lb weight-loss goal, and I've never looked back. I learned what to eat, how to navigate restaurants and BBQ's, strategies for travel (travel sports, anyone?) and how to snack. I sleep better. My blood sugar is stable. I have referred dozens of members to the program and became an Ambassador, which means I get the privilege of helping others achieve their goals.

I am so thankful to have found Irene and this amazing community she has built. I never could have imagined being where I am now when I took that first step 4 years ago.

Leslie Siciliano